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I am taking the time to email you about the great customer service provided by Blair! He was polite and courteous even when I called him direct! He seemed trustworthy and reasonable, and he kept me informed! I am glade I went with

If possible, could you email to me, pictures of the inside of the chimney. Again, thanks for the great services!

Michael D. Witte

I greatly appreciate you two coming out to inspect, and also your advice.

As a side note, when I got the chimney down last night, it was amazing the amount of damage we found at the bottom. The tile lining was cracked horizontally and vertically. It had burned around to the backside of some of the pieces, and up next to the house, where the brick chase met the cement wall of the basement, even the cement on the house was slightly blackened! According to what we found, they were within a few inches of getting this up to the wooden part of the house. I doubt they have any idea how close they came to burning down their house… Glad you caught it, and that we are able to get this fixed.

Thanks again!

Tom Clark


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